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About us

Guangdong Xinjing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor product R & D, design and testing company with independent R & D and design and testing services as its main body. Guangdong company was founded in april2021, with its headquarter located in Qianhai, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. The company mainly operates ESD; Integrated circuit (IC); The research and development and design of Gan power device and other products have many product series and models. The products are widely used in various consumer and industrial electronic fields.

The new crystal microelectronics is a well-known integrated circuit, research and development and design of two and three pole tubes, inspection and testing enterprises, providing a complete set of professional services for packaging design, product development and certification, as well as from chip testing, packaging to finished product testing. It also establishes long-term strategic cooperation relationship with many domestic and foreign research institutions, development and design institutes and quality inspection institutions.



Application field

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